Be careful, light sleep lights can be bad for health

Sleeping habits accompanied by bright sleep lights save the possibility of adverse effects on health. Besides being able to disrupt the body's circadian rhythm, research shows the possible contribution of light at night to obesity, depression, and even cancer. Each color of light can cause different effects. Blue daylight can have a positive effect on mood and improve concentration. However, the effect can be reversed at night, because blue light actually has a negative impact on the body when it's time to rest. Beware of Light Rays when Sleeping at Night Melatonin is a hormone that affects the body's circardian rhythm or the body's biological rhythm that lasts 24 hours. Radiation of light to the body when sleeping at night can actually inhibit the formation of melatonin. This melatonin deficiency is thought to be related to sleep disorders and general health problems. That is why melatonin can also be given as a sleeping pill to help someone to more easily fall
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